SO, I thought I create this blog to talk about my experiences with my son and his SPD, ADHD, Asperger’s; the trials and conquests; the heartbreak and soaring success. Then I realized that I may have more to talk about than just that. I then further realized that I’ve been stressed, severely depressed and unable to even respond to emails or voicemails and how the hell was I gonna find the motivation to write a frigging blog?  Well, I then figured I had to make an initial post and break the ice, so to speak. If the ice is broken, the river runs more freely, amIright? Let’s hope motivation and inspiration flow in the same manner.

I guess I’ll write whatever strikes as needing to be written; whatever I feel comfortable putting out there. I’m a mom with three kids, I’m sure it will mostly address that.  I have opinions on stuff. I’ll definitely address that. Hopefully I’ll write these things more often than not. Don’t hold your breath.