Things have been rolling along here, and by things, I mean time.  I’ve sat down and started a couple of blogs but never have enough time or motivation to finish. I’m still struggling with the evil that is depression and a horribly crippling lack of motivation to do anything. I can’t even read a book. LAME. I’ve made a few meals (nothing spectacular or even yummy), folded a couple of items of clothing, “participated” in a failed yard sale (fail for me anyhow), helped Chi with school work, watched maybe two hours of TV, read like two pages in one book, half a page in another, and like half a chapter of yet another book, edited some posts for my dad, painted my finger nails between pulls on Lich King attempts with a great raiding team and one fail tank (which was highlighted by him being replaced by a different bear tank who had never seen the Lich King with progress ensuing) and dealing with Chi’s school or should I say teacher situation.

Chi went back to school on Monday for the first time since the happenings last Tuesday.  We were given various workbooks without any real guidance as to where he is and what they would be doing in those workbooks last week. **sigh** The TA didn’t seem to think that was important when I asked her for more details. Turns out, the workbooks were THE WRONG ONES. She gave me volume 1 and he is at the end of volume 2. yay. We did the work anyway just to say we did, but wow.

I introduced myself to his new teacher and the one bright spot is that she is a substitute Chi’s class has had several times in the past and she knew him and he knew her. Other than that, I don’t know how we are gonna make it through the end of the year in one piece. The TA just doesn’t get it and Ms. W seems nice but happily oblivious. I get the feeling that if Chi is gonna learn anything at all for the rest of the year it will be taught at home. I’m so glad I wanted to be a teacher. (/sarcasm off)

I had an impromptu meeting with the new teacher to help give her a feel for what to expect from Chi. Since Chi isn’t an easy child to describe that proved a little difficult. She latched onto the Asperger’s and didn’t hear anything else I had to say. She will basically not pressure him to do anything. fan-freakin-tastic. Maybe he won’t shut down on her, then, but what will he learn? While I was talking with her I over heard this:

TA — “Chi, you need to be doing your morning work.”

Chi- “makes a chirp like grunting noise”

TA– “If you don’t do your morning work you won’t get any computer time this afternoon. And you know it.”

Chi– “huddles down into himself”

then a few minutes later she tells the class that there weren’t any snacks to have that day and that they were gonna do work during snack time instead because “none of you brought any snacks when you knew we were out.” Chi starts having a very moderate meltdown. Two things are wrong here. He has a snack at the same time everyday including the weekends, and this teacher is telling him that the schedule is changing unexpectedly when so much is already so different. Secondly, Chi needs those snacks. He gets grumpy and unable to focus when he’s hungry…LIKE ANYONE except that he already struggles with the focusing part in certain situations like the classroom.

My thoughts: The TA is clueless. She should have said, “If you do your morning work, you will get computer time this afternoon!” Chi would have, more likely, responded to this by doing some of that morning work, and she should have the rewarded him for the work he did with computer time. It’s why Chi is only required to do 75% of the amount of writing the other kids do because it is so difficult for him and 75% is a really great accomplishment. He can then get the same rewards for doing 100% of the work he is expected to do.  BUT I can’t change the way she deals with kids. I’m really looking forward to the rest of this year.

on the snacks:  I asked the TA how many snacks I needed to get to give one to the whole class. She said it would be fair to just bring one for Chi. That sounded exceptionally RUDE to me especially since I have the means to get one for every kid. So I said, “Well, I’m not gonna do that to the rest of the class, how many?” She tells me 22. So I went to the store and bought enough snacks for 22 kids for 6 days. This way they have time to bring in the snacks that they forgot to get over the weekend. I know what it’s like to be so busy you forget the reason you went to the store in the first place once you get there.

So, the rest of the school year looks to be a real tiring one. I’m just praying that we can find a solution that works for Chi for this summer and next school year. The Principal is pretty awesome and she’ll get Chi another teacher who will work with us. I’m gonna try this new therapy place that specializes in Sensory Processing/Integration Disorders that will hopefully calm his anxieties. I may look into a writing tutor. I may stop seeing the behavioural psychologist. We can afford snacks for 22 kids on occasion, but not for indefinite therapies that don’t seem to be doing much.