Vertigo. Yup.

I went on a trip with my mom to the Big Apple in the Empire State. We had a blast! But I kept feeling like I was moving when I wasn’t  and spinning when I was moving. It never lasted long and I have vestibular issues anyway so I just went with it. On the way home, I could not pry myself out of the seat on the airplane and could not force my eyes to stay open at all after the first leg of my return trip. It was weird and a little scary. I did not stop feeling this way even once I returned to my native altitude. I tried dealing with it (like I do. Doctors and I aren’t friends) in the hopes that it would go away. It didn’t.

So I went to the doctor several days later and was diagnosed with some sort of inner ear infection. I’m on antibiotics. I was given a  ‘script for some anti-dizziness medication. The label on the bottle says, and I quote, “May cause drowsiness.” and “May cause dizziness.”

LOLWUT?!? My anti-dizziness meds may cause dizziness? Is this some sort of disclaimer? So I resisted taking this medication because I was dizzy enough without medical assistance and was already struggling with nausea.

I got worse before I started feeling better and was noticeably better on Sunday than I had been on Saturday, but Sunday night the vertigo got really bad and I decided to take the anti-dizziness meds. THAT WAS A HORRIBLE MISCALCULATION ON MY PART.  What the bottle should say is, “Will cause drowsiness. Will induce a comatose state within 3 hours of ingestion. Will cause the loss of time and space. Will damage your brain.” That’s exactly what happened to me. And now I feel like I did on Friday, which is to say I feel that I have weights pulling on my head and shoulders; like I’m walking around while lying down; like the world is revolving around the sun and I am left to be still by myself; like I’m being pulled through a small tube backwards with darkness enclosing on all sides and a hollow ringing in my ears only now it’s accompanied by mostly brain-dead.

I’m hoping to be in the land of the living soon. There are people counting on me. You know, like my three kids, husband, two cats, friends, nieces, nephews, mouse in the garage but not the one we caught in the kitchen (that bastard is going to the landfill), 9 people who I raid with (I mean, who’s gonna keep the mobs off of em if I can’t tell which way is up?), all of my 4 readers, etc, etc. Then, of course, there is myself. I count on me to be able to eat and bathe and sleep and accomplish things like make the bed and brush my teeth and put on my shoes. Urg. I hope this all ends SOOOOOOON!

disclaimer: If this makes no sense, I took medicine and am now mostly brain-dead.