Today is the last day of school. These last few weeks have been rather hellish. I can’t tell up from down; Chi must be spinning. The substitute was the worst replacement ever. She changed all of the rules, lots of the schedule, and Chi could not predict what would happen from one moment to the next.

She changed snack time to the afternoon.  They don’t have lunch until 1p and they get out of school 2 hours after lunch is over so their snack was in the morning at around 1045a to hold them over until lunch. Ms. W thought snacks were only for the afternoon and changed it. She would cancel recess arbitrarily. This is one of those things that should be left alone. Kids need recess to blow off steam. They spend a good portion of their day sitting and writing or reading or listening. If they don’t get out and moving they get restless. The teachers would make the kids walk laps of the playground if they misbehaved during class time so they weren’t playing but they were still expending energy. **sigh** Then she decided that Chi couldn’t be the only one to earn computer time every day by doing what was expected of him and banned him from the computer all together. POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT IS PART OF OUR STRATEGY WITH HIM!!!  Anyway, we gave him computer time when he got home.

I feel that as the year wound to a close that Chi was persecuted by this teacher. He was constantly getting into trouble for this or that; things that his regular teacher would either over look or deal with in an appropriate manner. I don’t think Chi even knew what he was doing wrong half the time.

Example: The class sits at the back of the classroom on a carpet to hear the morning announcements; after morning work and roll call and the pledge, etc. He and another boy were horsing around instead of listening. Chi had recess revoked. They have recess at 2p. This other kid got no punishment at all. Now I understand that Chi may have been more at fault here than Other Boy, but as far as Chi was concerned they were both being loud and not paying attention.

This is far from the only time that even the whole class would be acting out and Chi would be punished with no one else being made to sit our recess or having all computer privilages revoked for the rest of the school year or being made to sit through the end of the year ice cream party without being allowed to participate.

My mom says I should have one last meeting with the Principal and give her an update about how Ms. W worked out and how it has effected Chi. I’m just ready for the summer and for a fresh start with a new teacher and maybe a reinstatement of the Student Support Team meetings on Chi’s behalf. I have, quite frankly, been very sick the last few weeks and my energy to deal with this head on is nil. I’m just glad it’s over and that I can get my son home where we love him and can work on getting his life back in the predictable column.