I have been spending all my time writing; just not on my blog. I have been writing words. Thousands of words. I don’t know what it means if anything, but it has suddenly consumed me. All my time not spent caring for my family is spent writing or researching things to put in my writing. I think my husband thinks I’ve lost my marbles.

I’m generally a reader. I read more books in a month than most people read in a year…maybe two. I have discovered audio books. I do not consider this reading, but it occupies my brain in a similar manner and makes housework less mind numbing. Since I have been writing, I’m only reading 3 books at a time instead of between 4 and 6. Srsly. I have books put in specific places. I like a good non-fiction book in my master bath. Good for teeth brushing and other things that happen in bathrooms. I like a short type of book in the downstairs bathroom. Usually some pre-teen/teen book that I “screen” for my up and coming readers. I have a whole shelf dedicated to this and my oldest is just getting into chapter books. (happy dance) I have a book by the bed and one by the couch downstairs. I have one that I keep by my computer to read while raiding when CERTAIN PEOPLE WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS must go smoke. I have a book that I carry with me to read when I’m waiting somewhere. I do get far enough into a book that it takes over all spots and I just carry it with me where ever I go.

Now, though.

I write.

I carry paper with me. Pens. I do not own a laptop so I write everything long hand. I have maps and building plans, plots, persons, family trees and random ideas that are not relevant to the current writing. I carry all of this in a binder of loose leaf paper. I carry it EVERYWHERE. I write while waiting in carpool (or did before summer started). I will give myself little voice memos on my phone while sitting at stop lights. I write while in the drive thru at the pharmacy. I write while at Little Gym.

I have noticed something. People watch you when you write. People out right stare at you when you put ink to paper.

Must be something they haven’t seen in a while.