I am on the verge of giving up something that I have done and enjoyed for quite a few years; as many years as my daughter has been alive plus about six months. That means that I have been doing this thing for almost 6 years. I have done it more sometimes than others; enjoyed it tremendously and dreaded doing it. I have met many people while doing it; some I like thoroughly, some I even consider friends,  and some I could do without. I have relearned speaking up and leading; something I thought I’d lost the knack of. I have become more tolerant of idiots, imbeciles, and learned to hold my tongue when there is nothing to gain from flexing it. I have grown and honed skills that I did not possess six years ago. I have fought and won the battle for balance with this thing that initially owned all my spare time and much of my time that was not spare.

On first weekend of August 2010, my World of Warcraft account will expire. I can not say that I will not be tempted to return; picking up my sword and shield and protecting the people who make up my party, but as far as I can see into the future, WoW will cease to be part of my weekly, nay, daily life. Beonin, my protection warrior, will no longer lead the raids of Decimation, the final guild that she called home and with whom she downed Arthas, the Lich King. She is like a comfortable sweater to put on and keep warm. Most everyone I know in-game has multiple level 80’s that they are gearing out. I have played since beta, and I have one geared toon. None ever felt right; none ever fit as well as Beo did.  It is strange to think that I will miss the pixels on the screen like that and that they can be a comfort to me.

Throughout the years Beonin was a tank in several guilds: Renascor, Ultima Ratio Regum, Heroic State of Mind, Justice, Vengeance of Lordaeron and finally, Decimation. I have always enjoyed tanking in small groups, but found raid tanking to be beyond stressful to be almost unendurable. With the advent of Decimation, a guild put together by myself, Yldun (husband), Dertin (brother), and Kuranis (friend Fury Warrior and Canuck), I grew to truly love tanking. I progressed in my tanking skill over the years, but flourished in Decimation. The guild was great as a team, and on the whole, light-hearted. We did not take ourselves too seriously and thoroughly enjoyed what we did; defeating the evil that oppresses Azeroth. I will miss the people behind the toons that made up Decimation and made it awesome: Ashdaras, Kuranis, Docette, Genlamkin, Turune, Zymotic, and Allieria. There are other people who either didn’t raid with us much or with whom I raided in other guilds: Mappa, Rilo, Spoot, Amyss, Corbinz, Mensha, and many others. Some of these people I will lose track of, some will play other games with me and some, I think, are true friends, and I will work hard to stay in touch.

If any of Deci reads my blog, I would like to thank you for making my time in Azeroth fun and successful. Meet me in Starcraft II or Diablo III or SWTOR.

Goodbye, for now, Azeroth. We may meet again after the Cataclysm, but I may decide that a galaxy far far away needs me more.