I have been away on forced leave. I have thought of writing, but the only way that was happening was on my iphone. Just contemplating posting on that teeny keyboard made me wanna yank all my hair outta my head strand by strand and maybe crochet myself a sweater out of it. Since I actually kinda like my hair and I value my sanity (such as it is), I decided to let the blog lie fallow until I could either a: sit at my computer again long enough to blog or b: get a laptop. The least likely thing happened and my hubby bought me a nifty laptop to help keep me company on the couch.

More weeks than I can remember ago, I was blithely going about my morning routine and sitting on the toilet seat blowing and ironing my 5-year-old daughter’s hair when I suddenly knew that standing was gonna floor me. Now, I’ve been dealing with some pretty bad lower back issues for over three years and I’d thrown it out again the month previous making weekly visits to the chiropractor a must. With no choice but to stand and continue on, I stood and was able to remain so, only just. I felt like I had an ice pick stabbed into my lower spine and pain, seriously intense pain, radiating down my legs to the bottoms of my feet.

I pressed on, completing the morning rituals, and took my kids to school. I had to have my husband help me out of the car and that decided that. I was off to the chiropractor. Hubs immediately drove me to that wonderful man’s office and I began what I’ve begun thinking of as my Odyssey. It’s not as epic or interesting as Odysseus’ but it resulted in my returning to the Land of the Upright, if only for brief periods, and has not landed me in the Land of Surgery and Recovery.

I found out that I now have a herniated disk in my lumbar spine and I have been carefully avoiding all things that might lead to surgery. With the invaluable help of my indefatigable husband and my brother who just happened to be living with us after his layoff, I, the At-Home-Mom, of three kids one of which is an Aspie/SPDie have begun taking back over my regular responsibilities after two months of not moving much at all.

I’m now really weak and have no stamina at all. Sitting is almost unbearably painful and standing little less so, but I can remain upright for several hours if they don’t include much sitting or standing in one spot and I can recover from that pain in a relatively short period of horizontal recovery. So here I am, starting to blog again, and while not much has happened to me in the past months, I’ve read an inordinate amount and I have some really great things happening with Chi of the horrible 2nd grade experience.

More on all those things later. For now, howdy, I’m not dead yet. I think I’ll take a walk now.