We had the meeting a couple of days ago with the 504 team, which at this point consists of the 504 Coordinator (read School Counselor) and Chi’s current teacher and Hubs and I (if we so choose).

Aside: Can you imagine NOT bothering to show for a meeting that determines important things about your child’s day to day experience at school? Especially if that child struggles so mightily without all these special interventions? I cannot wrap my brain around it, but my presence at these meetings is merely requested, not expected nor required.

Continuing on. We met at the school after the school day had ended. A feat that, in and of itself, was a bit of a logistical nightmare which I solved by picking my kids up from school early instead if trying to figure out  who could be here to receive them from the bus. We got all of the logistics resolved and were on time (I don’t do late) and our meeting began.

I knew from the previous year that part of the yearly meeting was to determine whether the 504 was still necessary (it is) and then determining what changes, if any, need to be made to the stipulations (several, in my opinion). There was not even a discussion about whether the 504 needed to be repealed and the rest of the meeting was just lining up any changes. Miz Eff had all kinds of ideas and notes to help Chi especially in relation to the EOG’s and the other two standardized tests third graders are required to take. (These tests aren’t the answer, by the way, and they do not take into account kids like Chi who don’t test well.)

Miz Eff really GETS Chi. She understands where he is coming from and sees how to help him in ways that I haven’t witnessed in another adult besides myself. It isn’t surprising, exactly, because I have seen this in her all year, but it was very reassuring and warming to witness this wonderful teacher actually advocate for what was best from my son. I feel as if my prayers over the summer have been answered and that I can worry a little less about Chi at  school for the rest of the year because he has this wonderful person in his life.

I can’t seem to stop smiling when I think about it.