I had another post all prepped and ready and re-reread and scheduled to post, and then this happened.

Cue T Pie

So. Pynni Pie. She is the middle child. She is the only girl. She does NOT have SPD or Asperger’s or PDD-NOS. She is in Kindergarten. Pynni in Kindergarten is a whole other experience. Chi was hard. Chi required parent-teacher conferences where the teacher told me that my son was “being a boy” and that he spent a lot of time playing alone at his desk even during time when he was supposed to be listening to the teacher. Chi didn’t know his letters, even though he could READ. Chi didn’t know his numbers even though he could read word problems and tell you the answer without having to WRITE ANYTHING DOWN. Chi hated writing. Chi hated coloring. Chi needed to practice both. Things haven’t really changed much.

Bunny Pie

Pynni, on the other hand. I had a parent teacher conference at the beginning of the year. Pynni was, “Very helpful.” “Very neat.” “Very well behaved” “Very cute.” “Has taken Khai (yes, her table-mate’s name is the same as her older brother) under her wing.” “A good dresser.” “Follows the rules.” “Listens” “Is on blue every day” (which is better, even, than green). ETC. There wasn’t much else to say. My daughter is perfect. My daughter does all the things one wishes Kindergarteners would do, but generally don’t.

I had another parent-teacher conference a couple of months later with the same results. I had put any potential for worry about my middle child away. She is awesome. She is very well-adjusted. She is smart.

Move forward to January, when the mid-year reports are sent home. For Chi, it’s end of quarter 2 and for Pynni, it’s second progress report. I have worked and worked and focused and focused on Chi. He’s needed it. Nay, demanded it. I thought I was keeping an eye on Pynni to make sure that I was there if she needed me. I had intended to volunteer at the school this year because there are three days a week, for four hours that all of my kids are elsewhere. I thought that being at the school and in the kids’ classrooms would be helpful. Queue the back. Queue a herniated disk that I am STILL dealing with. That STILL has me on my back for most of the day.

It has become apparent that watching Pynni out of my periphery has resulted in tunnel vision. A horrible condition that has caused blindness out of the corners of my eyes, I guess.

Queue the failing progress report. Pynni is not meeting grade level standards for Math or writing. WTF? (and I mean that in its most vulgar interpretation) How is this possible? She does her homework at the same time as Chi. I go over it with her every night. Now, I DO NOT read those ridiculous four page books with her for 20 (TWENTY!!) minutes. We read other stuff.

So I don’t really think much of this progress report. I figure she has the rest of the school year to get caught up, and we work with her every night and she does really well. I don’t notice any deficits. WELL.

Pynni’s teacher did not come back after Christmas. Pynni’s teacher is pregnant and was put on bed rest until her baby comes in MARCH. (Deja-vu, anyone?) But there’s no sweating this time (although I do anyway) because Pynni is super cool about her teacher having a baby and needing time away for that. She loves her substitute. (Oh, and did I mention that the TA she has IS THE SAME FRIGGING HORRIBLE WOMAN FROM CHI’S SECOND GRADE NIGHTMARES my nightmares of Chi’s second grade year? No?)

WELL SHE IS! But Pynni loves her, bless her sweet little heart. I cannot like that woman. I do not wish harm upon her,

First Day of School

but I wish she would stay out of whatever classrooms house my children.)

(Ok, so I got a little off track. Back on track.)

SO. I get a letter FROM THE PRINCIPAL (can I go off topic again? Everytime I type the word “principal” I think of Mr. Belding from Saved By the Bell saying, “You can’t spell principal without Pal.” Ahem.) saying that we need to be more proactive. That Pynni needs to raise her “grades”, if you will, even though there are no actual grades. That WE, as parents, are FAILING her.

**sputtering** SAY WHAT?

So now what? She has a new substitute. Read: not the same one as LAST WEEK. How can I conference with someone about a potentially ongoing issue if they have NO CLUE?!? (Give me strength!)

My solution, currently, is to throw money at the issue. I bought some “home schooling” tutoring tools to help with these issues. I’m not convinced that Pynni is actually behind on anything and is maybe merely, painfully shy when asked direct questions. (Thanks to my genes, that.) Hubs, concurs on this assessment. He does a good bit of the homework with the kids either because it’s hard for me to write while lying down or because it’s hard to help with homework whilst ones hands are covered in raw chicken. He says, and this is a direct quote, “Teacher fail.” He says Pynni has it. She knows things. She writes things. She answers questions.

….this ain’t over, but I needed to vent.