I feel weighted down. With happenings. With decisions. With things I need to do. Everything is so serious and “end of the world” -ish feeling. I thought I would lighten the mood a bit and make myself smile.


My baby, Pieces, is not so much the baby any more. He will be 4 in April (!!!!) and grounded forever. So since I’m allowing him this small amount of time to enjoy himself before I …no, I won’t ground him for growing up, but GAWD, I want to. It would be energy wasted and I prefer conservation.

Oh. Right. So Pieces has been having these major developmental spurts lately that have fully placed him in the realm of preschooler and pulled him completely out of toddlerhood. He has taken to pointing out all of the letters he knows on everything that has letters. “That letters are on Netflix.” He is very solemn when he says this. I look up to see where his finger is pointing to find an “exit” sign. When I query him about which letter, he indicates that he means all of them.


Then there is the drawing. He only in the last 6 months or so decided to be right handed. He will still eat and do other things with his left, but he officially writes with his right hand. He wants to draw all the time. He draws bug men, his name, and spirals. I cannot get enough of these drawings. I stand amazed at them. He went from not caring to draw to wanting to do it all the time. These things have become his signature. I will share them with you now.

Bug Man

Hairy bug friends

I am especially fond of the unibrow.