I have one. My two youngest, collectively known as the “Little Ones” (although Pynni and her older brother are collectively the “Big kids” Oh the joys of being the middle child, I guess) have birthdays exactly two weeks apart.

I used to have the energy to throw these elaborate birthday parties where I made all the decorations and food stuffs from scratch. Not so much anymore, but as I revisit the past, I get all filled with ideas.


Right. For all three of the birthday’s since Pieces was born, we’ve had combined birthday parties. It’s just easier and so long as there are balloons, Pieces could care less if the party is themed in pink and flowers. I figured I would continue this tradition of one party until one or the other of them requested a separate party. There is always one weekend between their birthdays and that’s when we have it. Plus, Easter tends to fall on the weekend nearest Pynni’s birthday and that’s kind of a crap weekend to have a party.

So, I had considered separating their parties this year because I wanted to take Pynni and a few of her friends to a ceramics shop and paint pottery to have it fired. She likes creating things and this seemed right up her alley, and while Pieces would probably enjoy the painting, it would be too expensive to allow both of them to invite friends separately (this is the first year, Pieces will have friends of his own since it’s his first year in preschool) . Then there is the image I have of a room full of three year olds (some of them four by now) painting on pottery. EEK! So I was thinking of doing a small more traditional style party at my house for Pieces.

Well, I got a letter from the Pynni’s teacher requesting that if the kids wanted to invite the WHOLE class they were welcome to send invitations to school, but if you only wanted to invite a few of the kids, please keep the invitations private, i.e. call them individually. I have a whole SLEW of issues with this, not the least of which is that I don’t KNOW these kids’ parents. I don’t know their last names. It will be interesting to try and get the correct information from Pynni who will have to ask her classmates at school. Which in the end, does the same thing the faculty is trying to avoid by forcing me to include all 21 kids in a birthday party I was wanting to include maybe 4 kids in.

Then there is this whole homeschooling thing. It’s looking more and more likely (I’ll just say here that I’m 95% sure I will be homeschooling but Hubs is not so sold on the idea, yet). If that is, in fact, the case, then there will not be classmates to invite next year, so I’ve been tempted to have a party at say “Monkey Joe’s” or “Pump It Up” but their packages are for 25 kids, including the birthday boy/girl. We would be inviting 21 kids from Pynni’s class, 11 from Pieces’ class, my three kids, their two local cousins, and five friends that they don’t go to school with. For those of you with fail math skills, that 42 kids. FOURTY-TWO! (!!!!!1one)

  • I can’t have that many kids in my house at one time. I can’t afford (or don’t want to afford) pulling off two specialized, off location, parties.
  • I have considered having the off location one for Pynni at one of the two aforementioned places and sticking with the small ‘at home’ party for Pieces.
  • I have considered inviting everyone and counting on the fact that at least 10% of them won’t come, but that leaves 38 kids which is still way more than 25. Heck, even if 20% didn’t come that’s still 7 more than the allotted number and these places charge more PER KID. EEK.
  • I have considered nixing the whole “invite the whole class” deal in favor of just having kids we know come and then doing a smaller specialized party with more focus on the two birthday kids.
  • If I do that, should I just revert to the first idea? Ceramics and balloons?
  • OR I could do a Monkey Joe’s thing for Pieces and a ceramics thing for Pynni. Hmmm.
  • Or I could just duct tape them to their beds and pretend they aren’t a year older.

Sure-sure. You’re right, that would not be earning me Mother of the Year. Okay, so any suggestions would be hawt and soon. I have to get this planned and done SOON. (not soon-ish)

The next question is:

  • cake?
  • cupcakes?
  • homemade?
  • store-bought?
  • Harris Teeter?
  • Whole Foods?

ALRIGHT! So that’s more than one question.