We get into the car to take Pieces to school and then me to the chiropractor this morning and after about five minutes we are all sweating like it’s a sauna. Hubs adjusts the temperature controls but it’s still HOT in the car. I glance behind me at the temperature controls for the rear seating, which is located between the front seats but faces the back seats. The knob is turned all the way to the highest heat setting. I adjust and Hubs comments that Chi ALWAYS turns the dial to the highest heat if he’s cold or the highest cold if he’s hot with no in between.

I point out that is actually a really good metaphor for Chi. He lives his life turned all the way up. He is either into something or doing something 200% or not at all. He is either all the way on or shut all the way off. There are no grey areas with him. It is the way he operates and it is the way he sees the world.

Somehow, even before he spoke English marginally well, I knew that Chi did not see the grey’s in life. To him, it is black or white. All of our house rules and all of my explanations for why something is a certain way have always had to be black and white. Grey’s just confuse him. He doesn’t do exceptions to the rules at all.

Huh, I may have just explained, at least one reason, why Chi hates writing/spelling/grammar so much. All those exceptions. “I before E except after C” Yeah, he’d just rather do math homework.