And that is that. Homeschooling it is, then.

Now’s the time on sprockets when we

a) Dance a jig


b) Plan plan plan

followed closely by

c) Buy books and supplies

not to be put off is

d) Find out if Southside High School still knows who I am enough to send me my transcript.

but that can’t be the last thing because

e) Fill out the forms and await approval



I gotta name my school. It can’t be something hokey because it will (potentially) go on my kids’ college applications.

I’ve already done tons of research and I know what curricula I’m going to start out with. I even have a general idea of how I’m going to ease into this by introducing only a couple of basic subjects before diversifying. I’m fairly certain that I have the yearly schedule all planned out in my head. Now, I just need to plot it on paper. THEN. Well, then I have to have the talk with my kids. I’m waiting until school is out, and I have a good reason for this.

Apparently (no surprise here), Chi hears EVERYTHING. He has heard the conversations his dad and I have been having “out of earshot” of the kids. (FAIL) I know this because Pynni told me a couple of weeks ago, in that teary sad voice she gets, that she misses me too much while she’s at school and really should be allowed to stay home with me all the time. I mean, really, couldn’t I teach her? After all, Chi said that they were going to learn at home soon, anyway, so why not now? (I couldn’t lie to her, so I told her no decisions had been made. We were still talking about possibilities. She had all the rest of kindergarten to worry about and she would be finishing that first, thankyouverymuch.)

And that isn’t the only time that this homeschooling thing has been brought up by my kids and I haven’t even TALKED to them about it yet. Huh. So, I’m holding to the explanation that they go to school NOW and they need to focus on that.

So, I will let them know the official changes at the end of the year. I don’t need any more shutdowns from that department than I’ve already got, thanks.

Yeah, so back to the naming. Any ideas?