Lamp Post Academy.  Here is our homeschool blog. It’s pretty bare right now, but I wanted a place where I could put all of the homeschool things. There will be links to resources we like and a compilation of our current, and eventually past, curriculum. There will be postings about projects and trips and daily doings. Eventually the kids will be writing little essays to post there. At first they will dictate and eventually they will do the writing.

The Lamp Post Academy blog will not be syndicated on my Facebook page. It will be up to you to make with the clickies and check it out for yourself. You will, however, be able to subscribe to the blog if you wish.

Make no mistake, the LPA blog will not be replacing this one. I still have all kinds of things to say, but I hope you’ll visit our little space on the web. I’m hoping it becomes a good starter place for other parents who are thinking about homeschooling.