Long lost relatives? I think so.

I am a complete nerd! I met my favorite author tonight (a Wednesday night in February, actually), Joshilyn Jackson (who I’m probably related to through the Jacksons (aka Andrew or Stonewall, right?)), and I completely fangirled all over her book signing table. I was unable to speak even (without the fear of maybe revisiting dinner all over her markers) and then when I introduced myself (which I’ve always hated because most people say, “Theresa?” or “Vanessa?” to my utter dismay) she said, “Tenessa… Tenessa… Are YOU the Tenessa from Faster Than Kudzu? (her blog which I follow religiously)” And I about fainted but squealed, “YES!” She says that she loves my posts and that she feels completely lame because she checks her blog eighteen times a day for comments and I commiserated because I, too, check her blog eighteen times a day to check the comments (partly cause I’m hoping she’ll comment on the comments, but mostly because I really enjoy the comments to her blog). She signed my copy “For Tenessa, my best beloved. xxo-J” I think I shall die happy now.

I thoroughly enjoyed her talk about her book and her little readings she did of Big and Mosey from her new book “A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty”. I could listen to her words all night. This woman could make the phone book amazing. True story.