I needed this, so maybe you do, too.

A blogger I follow (Mir over at Would Coulda Shoulda) has a daughter in a teen long term care facility whose personal care products kept getting stolen. After talking with all the pertinent authority figures at the facility, Mir discovered that many of the girls in the ward are given nothing by family members and rely solely on what the hospital has to offer by way of personal hygiene (You know those diaper type pads with the ties from the WAY BACK that tie into paper underwear? Those were just ONE example of what the hospital offered. And NO tampons). So Mir had an idea, why not let the internet help out. So many of her readers had been asking what they could do to help her in this difficult time. Well, here it was. Girls in need. So she opened up a mailbox at a UPS store (who wants to give out their home address to the internet at large?) because they accept UPS package deliveries and sent out the word via her blog. The following is the result. It’s amazing!


ps. I posted this on Facebook already, but not everyone who reads my blog is my “friend” on Facebook and vice versa. Also, I just wanted to say that I cannot stop laughing and crying about how amazing the response to this has been. I love how selfless this act is and how much good it’s going to do. I do so hope that this little gesture, that has grown so big, can in some way impart how even strangers can care for one another and help in the healing of some of these girls.