That thing where you ask a question and the person, who’s supposed to be knowledgable about such things, asks you a question back. One that’s already answered in the question you posited? You know? Right, well.

I went to Radio Shack because I needed more motors and more battery packs and more alligator clip wire leads than I had originally purchased for the Robots Lab I’m doing with the kids tomorrow.

**Note** My original plan included my three kids, but I’m now doing the lab with 7 kids that include my nieces and nephews.

So I go in the store and I’m the only customer (this is not surprising to me for some reason) so I get all the one on one attention I can handle.

Sales person: Can I help you?

Me: Sure. I need 3V motors, battery packs and alligator clip wire leads.

SP: Oh, sure. Here. What was that again?

Me: 3V motors.

SP: How many volts?

Me: Uh. 3.

Okay, so maybe he thought I was asking for three Vee Motors, but I’m not really willing to give him the benefit of the doubt cause I’m mean like that and have expectations.

Also? They only had one.

As he was telling me they didn’t sell alligator clip wire leads, and I was pointing them out on the shelf, I commented that, at this rate, I was going to have to clean out the Greater Louisville Metro Area of 3V motors and battery packs because I needed 14 motors and 19 battery packs. He laughed. I asked, “Where are the other Radio Shacks nearby?” He said, “Oh, you weren’t kidding.”

Heh. Yeah. NO.