Sebastian thinking about napping.

I seem to acquire cats that live FOREVER. Aravis was almost 20 when she passed and Sebastian is pushing 21. Sith is merely 13. I have had the oldest cats more than half my life. I was a KID when Aravis was born (4th grade) and I was 16 when Sebastian came into my life. That’s just CRAZY!

Geriatric cats are a lot like demented old people. They forget what a litter box is and just sort go where ever they happen to be. So now I have a litter box in the living room. Nice, yes? But it takes the old man such a long time to go UP the stairs that he just says ‘eff it’ and goes where ever is most convenient.

He (Sebastian) also sort of does odd things.

He can’t jump or land on his feet anymore so he just sort of falls places. He works really hard to get up high (his climbing skills are impaired, too) so he can fall over something he should have been able to just jump, like a baby gate. I stop him and stop him and stop him, but he is very single minded. He makes the effort until he wins because he needs to eat any crumbs off the floor left by my kids (He is not allowed to do this and he isn’t a dog. This is a new development.) He acts like he’s a starved creature. I assure you he is not. Still, he will steal your food right off your plate. This is also relatively new. My cats have always been very picky and they will sniff something to death and maybe lick it, but never eat it. Watching him snarf a bit of pizza crust is very odd as it isn’t meat (so he just about attacks me when I have tuna salad or something), but there you are. He tries to drink my coffee and he walks around on the tables in the living room, knocking things off and generally rearranging the photo frames and various other knickknacky sundries.

Also, he smells. He doesn’t clean himself anymore and so I have to wash this domestic short haired cat and/or shave him. He is extremely docile about the whole process. I don’t even have to hold his scruff, he just submits.

He is mostly deaf and this cat who talked and talked and talked is mostly silent. He’ll meow every now and then but it’s like a person hard of hearing who refuses hearing aids: he yells. He will get very loud indeed, especially if he thinks you need to feed him. One good thing about it, though, he isn’t scared of the vacuum cleaner anymore.

He’s still just as loving as ever, although like extremely old people, he has no meat on his bones. In fact, he is mostly bones and saggy skin. He seems to weigh almost nothing these days.

He is still my favorite. (Sorry, Sith)