It's the end of the world.

It’s the end of the world.

There is currently a computer on my dining room table. It’s the kids’ computer they got for Christmas. It has played a lot of Minecraft since Christmas morning. Usually there are headphones involved so the whole downstairs is not inundated with Minecraft sound effects. Yesterday evening, that was not the case and this song was playing over the speakers. If you don’t go listen, it’s a quiet piano piece in the vein of Final Fantasy VII music.

Anyway. I look up (yes, I was playing Minecraft. Shut it.) and see Pynni and Pieces standing in the doorway to the kitchen with their arms around one another. Then Pynni murmurs, with her head pressed against Pieces’ head, “Oh, isn’t it beautiful? We’re watching the end of the world. It’s end of the world music and we’re just standing and watching it.”

Pieces nods his head ever so slightly and replies, “Yeah. It’s beautiful.”