I’ve written about my kitties before. I am a cat person through and through. I love all kinds of animals, really, but cats own my heart. I wrote last year about my most favorite kitty ever, Sebastian McAwesomepants and his antiquity. That post turned out to be very timely. Sebastian passed away one month later. It was really, really hard, and I still can’t quite believe he’s gone. I truly, although completely illogically, thought he’d live forever. He was my buddy and bestest bestie for over half my life. I haven’t known many people as long as I knew him.

That said, I was devastated when he died. I felt this giant hole open up in our household where Sebastian’s EPIC presence had always resided. I was completely at a loss as to how to fill it or fix it. Just learn to live with it until it becomes the way things are supposed to be? Until the memory of his presence has faded? All I knew was that I suddenly never wanted to have another fuzzy friend ever again. Biggus Sithus would be the last. I just couldn’t stand the thought of incorporating another yummy fuzzy buddy into my life only to have to deal with his/her loss. If Immortal Sebastian could come to the end of his life, then no mere mortal kitty could possibly survive. My heart couldn’t take it. (Don’t let me down, Sith!)

But, Time did what Time does and continued unspooling out ahead of me into the future, lumping itself up into heaps of memories behind me, and helping to heal that which seems impossible to heal.

So it happened that I decided I need another cat. Sith isn’t as clingy as he was for the three months or so after Sebastian’s passing, but I think he needs a friend. My kids have only ever lived with decrepit, ancient kitties. Even Sith, who is now 13, has never been a kitten in their lifetimes. Young, yes, but passed that attack-your-under-the-covers-feet-in-the-middle-of-the-night phase. I decided to get a kitten.

Easy Peasy.


Meet Sith's Minion.

Meet Sith’s Minion.

There were ZERO listings for “kittens” in the classifieds and craigslist. Since when is it so hard to find free kittens? Sheesh.

So off I went to the Animal Control Shelter. This is a kill shelter and I didn’t realize how hard I was going to take knowing that. On the bright side there was a litter of sub 2 month old kittens. On the down side, I perused all the cats, even though I wanted a kitten, and I fell head over heels for like 5 other cats. Then, of course, the lady who took all my info and my adoption money lectured me about how the grown cats tend to die as opposed to finding forever homes. Yeah, like I didn’t know that and like that was doing anything but making my decision worse.

Ugh, I still get upset thinking about it.

Not Happy about the Minion.

Not Happy about the Minion.

So. I adopted a little fuzzy kitty and due to it’s age, I had to wait a week to pick her up because the Shelter requires that all the animals leaving their care be spayed or neutered. I picked her up this afternoon. She is rockin.

We decided to name her Minion. Some day, she’ll be Sith’s Minion. We’ll call her Min, or Minni, or Minute (cause she’s no bigger than). For now? Sith is unhappy about the Minion we’ve chosen for him. He’ll come around.