As you may already be aware, I homeschool. We’ve joined some homeschool groups this year and they require that I post group things for everyone to choose to do. It can be as simple as, “Hey, we’re going to the Museum today, wanna join us?” to as complicated as, “Hey, I’m going to teach a science lab every Thursday for the next 6 months. Join us! Bring your brains and the Required Dollars!”

Guess which category I fall into.

Right, so I seem to be UNABLE to do things the easy way. I host science labs at Homeschool Explorers and now, a writing club. So I read this blog post by Lydia Netzer. I got all inspired and lost my mind and posted a listing for kids to join Chi and me in our Junior Secret Novelist Club. There wasn’t the clamor for the few open slots that I thought there’d be, and I was admittedly a little disappointed. I guess it’s a good thing because I would have had a hard time telling people that our club was all full.

So our first meeting was Wednesday, April 3rd. Only two other kids showed up. Our club is all boys. There is the possibility that one girl will be joining us for the remaining meetings, but that has yet to be seen.

We named our club and made up our oath and created a secret handshake. We’ll be revisiting the secret handshake as the boys seemed to think “handshake” meant “full body contact wrestling”.

Our club name is “Secret Nerf Zombie Brains Musical Nature Authors Doctor Who’s Drudon Novelist Club”. Don’t ask, the boys came up with it.

They came up with words that painted pictures in their mind. It was not my place to judge their choices. They made the name from those words.

Our Oath:

I promise always to write with Time Travel,

Evil Stuff, Excitement, and Fantasy.

I promise never to write Kiss-y Crap,

Non-fiction, Mermaids, or Boring Stuff.

Nice huh? They came up with things they liked best in books and things they disliked in books. We distilled it into these four things.

All in all, I think they had fun.

You know homeschool kids are odd, and I don’t mean that they aren’t regular kids. I mean that they are completely at ease learning and participating in a lively conversation while turning cartwheels in the living room, make pencil rockets out of their ears, and hopping around the dining room table. It’s becoming one of my most favorite things.