A conversation at Target.

Setting: My three kids and I are at Target for the ritual roadtrip snack buying before we head out on our long road trip. They each pick two things they want in the snack bin. We’re walking down the pertinent aisles, perusing the options when Pieces declares that he wants a certain colorful cereal.

Me: “No. I’m not even sure there is any actual food in that cereal.”

Chi: “How can there not be food in food?”

Me: “It’s so highly processed as to cease being food becoming, instead. a food-like product.”

Chi: **looks thoughtful**

Me, probably giving entirely too much information to little kids as usual: “I read an article recently about how all the food dyes in that food have been banned in most other nations since they have been linked to cancer, ADHD, autism…”

Chi: “OH, I already have autism.” His tone suggesting that it was safe for him to eat such things.