I was spending time revisiting some older posts when I came across this one. It still cracks me up and makes me a little queasy at the same time. My Good Ol’ Uncle, here after known as GOUB, thought it was amusing that I couldn’t find meter sticks anywhere and randomly texts me pictures of meter sticks as he comes across them. He owns something like three of them and likes to point out that they aren’t that hard to find. Maybe in Texas, GOUB, but here in NC meter sticks are hard to come by.

Don't Hold Your Breath

I need a meter stick. I do. I keep coming back to that and forget about it for a while until I come back around to needing one again. It’s mainly for school purposes. Sometimes I’ll be out running errands and I’ll remember and I’ll look and I’ll not find a meter stick. Then I forget again. And on it goes.

I finally put that meter stick on my LIST. I NEED it for science and we’re going all out with science this summer. So on to find a meter stick.

I looked at Target. No meter stick.

I looked at a Super Target. No meter stick.

I looked at Michaels. No meter stick.

I looked at Office Max. No meter stick.

I looked at Staples. No meter stick.

Then I have the best idea since starting this quest. Lowe’s Home Improvement! Solved!

Uh, right.

I go in the store…

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