I am a mother. I have three children. My oldest child has a sensory processing disorder, PDD-NOS (officially), Asperger’s (tested onto the spectrum but denied the diagnoses) and Inattentive type ADHD (a ploy by the doc to get Chi some help in school w/o caving to the Asperger’s diagnoses). We have struggled and struggled. We have failed and we have succeeded. I wanted to write about that here.

As it turns out, I am also a wife, a sister, a friend, a woman. As it turns out, I have other things to say beyond the struggles I have been presented while raising my children.

I address all of that and more here. I mostly write about being a mom. It is my most important role, but I am learning as I go along, that I have to embrace my role as a woman; that I have to embrace myself, in order to succeed as a mom.