beonin: me. The author. Beonin is the name of whatever toon I play online. The personae stems from my years of playing the World of Warcraft and tanking every raid boss I could place myself in front of. Beonin.

Hubs/Hubby: My husband. Father of my three children. He is supportive of my writing and takes over my duties when my back keeps me couch bound. He is mildly embarrassed by my public writings, especially if they include him. He’s cute.

Chibot/Chi: My oldest child. A boy with Asperger’s (unofficially), a Sensory Processing Disorder, Inattentive Type ADHD (a point of contention), and PDD-NOS (officially). He is currently 9 and a half and in the third grade. He is the main reason I started writing this blog. I find him extremely difficult and beyond exceptional.

Pynni-Pie: My only daughter. My middle child. The light in the darkness that I was submerged in before her birth. She has been a Godsend. She has a love for life that is catching. Almost 6 and in Kindergarten.

Pieces: My youngest. The jolly child. He is almost always happy and smiling. His favorite descriptors are ‘cool’ and ‘cute’. He is basically vegetarian. (Really) Until recently, he was a little Pynni clone, but has shown an astonishing display of independence and personality since she started school. He is almost 4 (!!!) and in his first year of preschool.

Secondary Characters

T-bow: my brother

Doodle: T-bow’s twin. Also, my brother.

Abshe/Abby: my brother, T-bow’s daughter, his oldest

Kip: Doodle’s son, his oldest

Mae: Doodle’s daughter, his youngest

Timmus: T-bow’s son, his youngest

Dr. G: Chi’s behavioral psychologist

O.T.: (now former) Chi’s occupational therapist

MT1 and MT2: Math Teacher One and Math Teacher Two. They belong to Chi.

Mr. S: Chi’s first grade teacher

Mrs. J: Chi’s second grade teacher

Mrs. W: The second grade substitute (now infamous at our house)

Mrs. F: The TA in Chi’s second grade class (also infamous) and now Pynni’s Kindergarten TA.

Miz Eff: Chi’s MOST AWESOMEST TEACHER EVER third grade teacher

PrinciPAL/Ms. P: Elementary Principal

Mrs. IRT and Mrs. Title 1: Instructional Resource Teacher and Title 1 reading teacher. Integral in the school and in helping get Pynni on track.

Ms. A/Councilor: The school’s 504 coordinator is also the school councilor.