So, my brothers are working toward listing their houses and finding something new (maybe somewhere new; maybe not). I’m cool with where I am, which is weird considering Hubs and I purchased our house with the intention of selling in 5 or so years. It’s a “starter house,” if you will, to be upgraded to something better: bigger, of better quality, and in a more “in-demand” location.

But now my brothers (twins), who are MIND-BLOWINGLY competitive, are preparing their first owned properties for sale, and I’m absolutely GREEN with envy (I’m practically comatose compared to these two competitive-wise, but I have to admit feelings of jealousy). I LOVE shopping for houses. I want to HELP them, but it’s their, and their wives’ deal so I don’t offer or give my advice to them (much). (Life story short: I’m the oldest and was their erstwhile babysitter beginning my fourth grade year, and it took me longer than it probably should have to consider them adults). They always seem to work at one upping each other and/or doing things at the same time (freakishly often), and it is SO easy to get caught up in their excitement and feel the pull of how awesome it would be to get something new!

When we bought our house 13 years ago (just over 2000 sqft with 4 bedrooms)( we’d moved from a 1300 sqft, three bedroom apartment (the nicest place either of us had ever lived since acheiveing adulthood) to a 600 sqft apartment when the closing of the house we wanted fell through (to save money for whatever future house awaited us)), it was one of less than a dozen in the first phase of a very small “dead end” neighborhood. (You can’t go through our neighborhood to get to somewhere else.) We also only had Chi, who was not quite 2 when we bought our house. We had very little furniture or kitchen gear. We could park both cars in the garage because we didn’t even have a lawn mower, no wagons or bicycles or scooters or water guns or car washing gear or saws or tools or shelving units or other lawn care accoutrements. We had space and empty rooms and empty cabinets and a bare backyard and no grass on the side of our house and no flower beds.

But now we have Pynni and Pieces, in addition to Chi, and all the furniture, toys, and gear, both inside and out, that go with 5 people living in a single family home with a just-right-sized yard. Now, the house that was once WAY TOO BIG for the family we were is closing in on not big enough for the family we are.

615040_10202063090280398_1859506030_oHere’s the deal, though:

While our house may not be as big in some regards as we’d like, we have spent a not-inconsiderable amount of money upgrading it (the new paint color on the outside, alone, has rekindled my love for this house).While our house may not be as big in some regards as we’d like, our neighborhood is small and HUGELY populated with kids (heck, Halloween is a HUGE deal in our neighborhood). It feels safe to allow my kids to hang out outside and ride their bikes all over the neighborhood. While our house may not be as big in some regards as we’d like, I don’t want a house that’s much bigger to clean right now. The house we have could have one more bedroom and be, maybe 300-400 sqft bigger because bedrooms 2 and 3 are small, but I’ve come to believe that I would be trading the things I love for a bit of more room  THAT I HAVE TO CLEAN.

Also, no matter where you go, there are going to be things you’d change; especially if you are me. If you are me, you redesign every space you enter, so of COURSE, you’ve mentally remodeled and redesigned your house countless times. Moving to a new house would not be any different.

It’s been a not-looked-for but quite educational and much needed exercise in enjoying other peoples’ news and happiness while looking around myself and being grateful for all I have and where I am.

So, there you are.