So I have this fridge and it’s full of food. Not all of it is E2 happy. So, things haven’t been as strict as I thought I’d be starting out and I will have to change that, but here’s the rub: ¬†I can’t just throw all that food out and I can’t really afford to buy all new meals to replace ones I have the ingredients for in my fridge. So I’m just not going to.

The last two days have looked like this: coffee and E2 happy breakfast, E2 happy lunch, E2 happy snack, regular old dinner. Once the food I’ve already purchased is out of my fridge (and I’m not talking the frozen things here, but the actual full meals that I’ve planned and purchased: homemade pizza, pork carnitas, tortilla soup, breakfast for dinner), the full on E2 happiness will commence.

One thing I have noticed: I haven’t had a desire to cheat. In fact, when faced with the choice of putting shredded colby jack on my black beans bowl because “I’m having tacos for dinner, so why not?” or nutritional yeast, I’ve chosen nutritional yeast. When faced with the choice of putting milk on my oats or almond milk, I’ve chosen almond milk even though dairy is a big ingredient in the white chili I’m making for dinner that night. This may not seem big to anyone else, but it is telling to me. It tells me that I’m there. I’m ready. I’m not going to rebel against my own good intentions for myself. For me? This is HUGE.

So my E2 28 day diet calendar hasn’t yet started. I’m moving in that direction. I’m, for once in a long, long time, happy with my ¬†choices and they weren’t hard to make. I feel like I’m setting myself up for success, and that feels amazing.